Does your website need a facelift?

Today’s websites are a far cry from what passed as a businesses’ public “face” only a few years ago.

When we began building and designing them, websites were more of an online business card with a few graphics and minimal text-based information.

Contrast that with today’s sites that are rich in content and functionality, while allowing users the ability to buy and receive services online.

The advent of the iPhone spurred major changes in the way websites were designed and built.  Now, the majority of Americans own a smartphone and they’re online all-the-time making connections, engaging E-commerce, and sourcing solutions for everything from accessing directions to the nearest Chinese eatery to ordering movie or airline tickets.

As a business owner with a market focus on today’s consumer, making sure your website is fully receptive to mobile devices is vital.

Consider some of these steps:

  • Run Google Analytics to determine site traffic, key words, and the pages users are visiting.
  • Add content, rich content. In Google’s world of ever-changing search algorithms, authentic, smart content carries the day.
  • Today’s web designs are focused on providing users with what they are seeking. Minimalist smart design and rich interfaces with fluid navigation, functionality and logical structure will ensure visitors a good experience and return to your site.
  • Mobile responsiveness. We’ve already addressed that. But it’s worth repeating. A truly responsive site needs to be mobile friendly.
  • SEO (search engine optimization): The online strategies for leveraging visitors to your website are limitless. And to keep the playing field challenging, search engines manipulate algorithms in an effort to deliver timely authentic content to impatient web browsers. There are organic searches and pay-per-click. Understanding page optimization to improve organic search results, click-throughs and conversions is part of the process. Google Analytics is fundamental. And depending on your business, staying atop SEO can make a significant difference in your bottom line.