Freshen up

It’s that time of year. Even the heartiest of winter fans are feeling a little bit of cabin fever. The antidote? Bust up that routine.

The same is true in the office. Grinding away day after day will just slow you down over time. You’ll become less effective and your creativity will suffer. And, oh yes, your clients will notice it too.

So how do you stay fresh at work? Apply the same techniques that you do for your personal life by breaking up the routine. Here are some ideas:

  • Find a seminar. Yes! Get out of the office, go somewhere else, listen to some new ideas, share new ideas. You’ll be invigorated and even excited when you get back to work. It’s absolutely worth the investment.
  • Create your own Personal Development day. If you can’t afford to travel, create your own Personal Development day in your hometown. Tune into a Webinar, schedule lunch with a colleague you haven’t seen in a long time, schedule a coaching session, or attend a local event.
  • Check your hometown for special events. Even if the ticket cost is somewhat expensive, you won’t have any travel expenses. You will be amazed at how you feel afterward.

Are you afraid your office can’t run without you for a day? That’s a sure sign of a lack of organization and an inability to delegate. You can do it. It takes planning, but it can be done.

No excuses.

Step 1: Decide to invest in yourself
Step 2: Register for an event that speaks to you or plan your Personal Development day
Step 3: Put it in on the calendar and announce to your employees/boss/clients that you’re going to do it
Step 4: When the day comes, commit to yourself. Turn off email (yes, for a WHOLE day!) and let your brain recharge.

You can do it!