Pictures, text and web design. Oh my.

When asked to review a website that was clearly a few years old, one of the obvious changes is always to add more imagery to freshen it up. This is true to a certain extent, but is that always the solution?

Some businesses are complicated and need at least some text to explain what they do. It’s important to do what is best for each individual situation and not just jump on the trend wagon.

What are some ways to make text work in this new world of image only websites?

  • use typographical elements
  • rewrite lengthy prose into shorter bullet points that get right to the main idea
  • utilize icons combined with one- or two-word descriptions
  • keep the majority of your text lower on the web page or “below the fold”
  • make sure the text looks professionally laid out by using quality fonts that are from the same font family
  • and lastly, mix it up. If your business needs some pages that are text heavy, that’s okay, as long as the majority of the pages are more visually oriented.

Here are some visual references:

This is an example of a quality website above the fold.




This is the same website showing one of their pages below the fold.


And this is another page from the same website that shows a text only page. Notice how they’ve used different size fonts, boxes, and shading to keep the information accessible.


So have fun! Mix it up, go bold with your color, and know you can have a text heavy page when needed!

These wonderful examples come from the best of the best, The Savannah College of Art and Design.