Finally, time to design your website

After months of planning and strategizing, making lists and spreadsheets, targeting keywords and gathering images, we were ready to build a website. (Read about the first steps of planning here and here.)

We sent out RFPs, asked around and talked to multiple designers. One proposal stood out because it suggested using SquareSpace. What better way to get to know a content management system than to use it, right? Well, we love it. We have clients on multiple CMS, which makes for a varied day at the office, but so far we’ve enjoyed all of them. SquareSpace doesn’t have storage for images, like WordPress and its media library. It also uses “blocks,” for images, text, etc., but they’re very adaptable.

We met with our designer, Joe Mielke, settled on a cost and schedule and let him get to work. Phone calls, emails and updates were common and useful and we checked in regularly against the schedule we’d drawn up.

Changes ensued, naturally. Pages that we envisioned didn’t make sense anymore and pages we hadn’t planned on suddenly seemed like a good fit. We kept referring to our theme of “Simple, Yet Beautiful” so we wouldn’t lose sight of what we wanted.

One part of digital marketing that we embrace is its fluidity. We aren’t locked into anything because we can change it. So, if that time comes that we want to add another testimonial or change a picture or add pages or … well, you get the picture.