The pictures, the words, the guts of your new website

In our last blog post, we covered some of the planning that went into our website redesign, including What, Who and Where. This time we’ll continue, beginning with Words.

Gather images (or at least have an idea what you want)

This was a fun step. We worked with Mark Lindsay, a local photographer who takes stunning pictures around our stunning region. We chose a medley of horizontal and vertical images that we loved, let it rest a few days, then winnowed our choices down. (It’s nice to be able to offer your designer both vertical and horizontal choices, although the majority used are horizontal.)

Next, we had to pair those images with text. After you’ve figured out who you’re writing for and what you’re writing about (check your site map), start writing.

Some of the text on this new website migrated from our previous website, but a lot of it is new. We wanted a lively storytelling tone that reached both current and potential clients. We also wrote about different things that weren’t part of our previous website. We used our “tree drawing” to know what to write about and we had at least three people read each piece of copy, both for facts and for editing.

We used Google’s Keyword Planner to get an idea what words should be used and we kept SEO on our minds at all times. We continually reminded ourselves to write in a style that would keep readers’ attention and lead them through our site. Frankly, the writing, editing and tweaking continues and will continue forever. It’s fun.

Next time: The primer is on, time to “paint”