Community Caring

PP&H - Community Caring.jpeg

The Grand Traverse region is a rare bird.

No one knows that better than its residents who have lived elsewhere, and have either returned home or retired here.

Life is rich.

And we’re all familiar with those special organizations and institutions that make it so.

So add to that list a small business that has been quietly making an impact in the world of nonprofits.

We’re talking about the owners of Precision Plumbing & Heating Systems, Inc., a regional purveyor that until a few years ago seemed like an unknown in the world of HVAC.

Since last year they’ve been quietly “paying it back to our community” through a program contributing $1,000 each month, to a nonprofit or worthy cause in the firm’s service area.

There are no gimmicks.

And five minutes spent on their website is all that’s required to complete an application.

Thus, another Traverse City-based business has joined the ranks of companies who not only have the capacity to thrive in a competitive business climate, but also the heart to reach out to others.

What a legacy!

What a community!

(Disclaimer: Precision Plumbing & Heating is not a client of Lawton Gallagher Group.)